Execupay acquires Kansas based Paydayz Payroll

SAN ANTONIO, May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Texas-based payroll and human resource services and technology firm Execupay announced in March that it has acquired the payroll service business unit Olathe, Kansas-based Paydayz Staffing, Paydayz Payroll.

Founded in 2007, Paydayz Payroll owned by Kathy and Matt Phar, is the successful payroll service division of Paydayz Staffing. For 13 years, Paydayz Payroll served clients across 6 states, focused on a personal touch and the highest level of customer service. Wanting to focus on their hyper growth staffing division, the Phar family comfortably made the decision to spin off the payroll division to Execupay.

The Phar’s knew Execupay was the best choice for their clients because Execupay has been the provider of payroll software to Paydayz Payroll since their inception.

Tom Klingbeil, Executive Vice-President of Execupay, states that “Kathy and Matt go above and beyond for their clients and we look forward to carrying on that tradition as we welcome Paydayz Payroll clients to the Execupay family.”

“We are ecstatic about helping Paydayz Payroll and their clients and look forward to building great relationships with Paydayz Staffing in their respective markets. We have had a great partnership with them for 13 years, this only makes it stronger,” states, Execupay Sales & Marketing VP, Scott Abramson.

No jobs were lost in this transition as Paydayz Staffing brought on any employees displaced by the Paydayz Payroll transition (except one that has been scheduled to retire on January 1st).

Paydayz clients will see very little change in their payroll processing since Paydayz utilizes Execupay Software. Paydayz Payroll clients will see no disruption in service and gain access to an expanded suite of payroll and HR, cloud-based products and services.

“Following a year of unprecedented change, we look forward to continue helping Paydayz Payroll clients navigate the Paycheck Protection Program and all the available payroll-based tax credits designed to help small businesses recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Execupay CEO Gerald Stowers.

About Execupay

Founded in 1974, Execupay provides human capital management services, solutions, and technology covering payroll, time and labor management, benefits, talent acquisition, talent management, and HR management to SMB’s throughout the United States. The company is also a leading provider of software for the payroll service industry and white-labeled payroll services to accountants, payment companies, HR software providers, and banks powering brands like Sam’s Club Payroll, BBVA Payroll, GoCo, and Beyond.

Media Contact: Scott Abramson scott.abramson@execupay.com

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