Introducing: Pumpkin Spice Payroll

Well, it’s that time of year.

The branches and walnuts crunching pleasurably beneath your boots on your way into work. Tossing on that grey sweater over an argyl collared shirt while cradling a venti pumpkin-spiced latte and relishing the fresh October morning. And as you take your next sip sitting at your desk, you realize… it’s time to run payroll… and you wish it were Pumpkin Spice.

Execupay is proud to launch the next generation of Payroll, sure to be a disruptor in our industry, Pumpkin Spice Payroll V10.31. With exciting new features such as basic and easy to understand icons, a new warm layer of autumn scents and colours in the User Interface and prints, and new one click Pumpkin Spice ordering button, you’ll be running Payroll in yoga pants in no time.

When we were developing the new Pumpkin Spice Payroll product, we literally couldn’t even. “With great new job titles available in our drop down at your finger tips, such as ‘Autumnal Ambassador’,  ‘Mr. Fall’, or ‘the walking, talking essence of the Northern Hemisphere’s annual tilt away from the sun’, you’ll be able to capture your new employees spirits any time of the year,” says Dave Cashwell, lead developer of Spice Development, “and in version 11.13, you’ll be able to choose ‘down jacket with a fur-trimmed hood’ as a uniform selection.”

The real feature here however is the new “1-Click PnPSL” button. Short for ‘One Click Payroll and Pumpkin Spice Latte’, you can run your payroll and have a pumpkin spice latte delivered to you, right at your desk.  With Pumpkin Spice Payroll v10.31, you’ll be snuggling up on the couch sipping hot apple cider and watching You’ve Got Mail on DVD before you know it. You’ll also have more time to spend part of the weekend meeting up with your friends to watch fall sports and eat fall snacks.

When speaking to one of our customers during the beta launch of the product, Janice from CedarHR said, “You’ve really got to taste, I mean really taste, the Payroll to enjoy it. They even flavor their envelop strips like Pumpkin Spice. Execupay really pulled out all the stops. Get it before it’s December, and we all know that’ll be here before ya know it.”

What’s next for Execupay? We’re currently in the planning phase of Peppermint Mocha HR v12.25, coming Christmas Morning.

Try it today. One of our PSL Specialists will be glad to take you through it’s many features and functionalities from time keeping, direct deposit, employee self service, 401k and more.

Schedule a Demo

If you have any questions about Pumpkin Spice Payroll or it’s features, please reach out directly,

Travis Bjorklund
Director of Marketing
Execupay, Inc.

(PS: Pumpkin Spice Payroll isn’t real, we’re just having some fun, but Execupay’s award winning Payroll is. Head to the link above for a demo or to to learn more)

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